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It is a boiler that uses waste heat from exhaust gas, waste material or waste liquid in various industrial processes and heat generated by combustion of combustible substances to heat water to a certain temperature.Oil-fired boiler、gas-fired boiler and coal-burning boiler with waste heat recovery utilization of smoke box and flue are also called waste heat boiler, waste heat boiler can produce hot water or steam for other sections to use through waste heat recovery.Waste heat boiler is suitable for iron and steel smelting、new type carbon calcination、hazardous waste、medical waste

incineration、chemical fertilizer、chemical industry (especially methanol、ethanol、synthetic ammonia) waste gas、waste liquid、solid waste mixed combustion、coking

plant、waste heat conduction oil boiler、glass furnace waste gas waste heat and so on.

1.Waste heat boiler for iron and steel smelting

In the process of metal smelting, the energy consumption of sintering process accounts for about 9% of the total energy consumption, which is second only to ironmaking process. In the total energy consumption of sintering process, nearly 48% of the heat energy is discharged into the atmosphere in the form of sensible heat of sintering flue gas and cooling machine exhaust gas. Recovery of waste heat from sintering cooler is a set of energy-saving technologies which can recover and utilize low-grade waste heat energy by recovering flue gas heating waste heat boiler recorded as sintering bellows and closed section of sintering cooling confidentiality,combined with low-temperature waste heat power generation technology, the superheated steam of waste heat boiler is used to promote the power generation of low-parameter turbogenerator units.Successfully solved the problems of ash accumulation、abrasion and air leakage of waste heat boilers. At the same time, the series boilers have certain adaptability to flue gas temperature and dust.

2.Waste heat boiler for dangerous waste incineration

Waste heat boiler for hazardous waste incineration and medical waste incineration is a waste heat equipment which produces high temperature exhaust gas of 860-1150 C after burning hazardous waste and medical waste incineration and can be used for superheated steam or production of domestic gas for turbogenerator.The main features of the waste heat boiler are to prevent the pollution of fly ash on the heating surface and the non-toxic exhaust at the tail of the boiler at a high temperature of over 300℃. Boiler adopts vertical and horizontal combination, membrane wall flue,

superheater temperature arrangement, natural circulation structure.

3.Three waste mixed combustion waste heat boiler

“Three wastes” is the general term for waste gas 、 liquid waste and solid waste,it is also a general term for waste gas 、 waste residue and waste ash produced in the production of chemical fertilizer products and coal chemical industry;such as exhaust gas、blowing gas、gasification slag、coal sludge in sedimentation tank, etc. Mixed-fired waste heat boiler and blow-air waste heat boiler are ideal energy-saving equipment for chemical fertilizer, chemical industry (especially methanol、ethanol、

formaldehyde、synthetic ammonia). With the production of urea、synthetic ammonia and other chemical products, there will be a large number of low calorific value fuels. In order to use them reasonably and efficiently, these low calorific value fuels will be mixed with coal as fuel,finally, the steam with the required parameters will be generated through the mixing furnace and the matching waste heat boiler.

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