Warmly welcome Professor Li Zhiguang to Huatai Co., Ltd. for work guidance and exchange

On the morning of December 23, 2017, Mr. Li Zhiguang, former professor of Harbin Industrial University, visited Huatai Co., Ltd. for guidance. Accompanied by Zhao Yunfeng, general manager of the company, and Tang director and Leng director of Xinxiang Boiler Inspection Institute, they jointly visited the production site, technology department and other relevant departments of the company and conducted work guidance and in-depth exchange of views. For the arrival of Professor Li,  all employees of Huatai company welcomed the arrival of the distinguished guests with full enthusiasm, expecting Professor Li’s work guidance to bring new ideas to Huatai. Professor Li Zhiguang has been engaged in the research and development of boilers for a long time, including boiler strength, similar to modeling teaching and research, boiler innovation, presided over the new water fire tube shell boiler, combined thread smoke tube boiler, medium condensation type internal oil fired gas boiler, and published 10 monographs and more than 50 papers. He is an expert praised by the industry. The arrival of Professor Li has put forward many constructive opinions and suggestions for Huatai. These opinions and suggestions play an important role in promoting the development of Huatai. On the road of future development, Huatai will combine Professor Li’s suggestions, summarize experience, design and develop more new furnace types according to the market demand, so as to meet the needs of users to a large extent Demand, do a good job in R & D and after-sales work.





Post time: Jan-09-2020

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