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HTS Boiler R & D department is the core of the enterprise, undertaking the mission of research and development, exploring new products, improving and perfecting product functionality, upgrading the service and products and building enterprise brand.
Since establishment, HTS Boiler R & D department adheres the philosophy of innovation, openness, excellence and this team is ideally placed to import and export materials, ideas, knowledge and expertise to further enhance our ability to fulfill needs of customers, as well as draw on outstanding cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements at home and abroad to push technology development upwards and maintain itself in a leading position. In addition, HTS Boiler formulates a number of preferential policies to create loose talent environment and employ the elites at home and abroad, coupled with our R&D members who acquire senior and intermediate titles or professional occupation qualification, HTS Boiler develops a fruitful results in the boiler pressure vessel field.
HTS Boiler establishes a long-term cooperation with several scientific designing institutes, such as China coal research institute Xi’anThermal Power Research Institute, Shandong heat energy and electric power designing institute, Tianjin thermal power designing institute co., lt. As well as builds a favorable cooperation relationship with some colleges and universities including Tsinghua University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, etc, who constantly introduces international advanced technology, researching and developing results to achieve advanced level of high thermal efficiency, energy-saving, environmental protection products, which helps HTS Boiler enhance overall strength greatly and supply the most considerate products.
Further more, HTS Boiler attach great importance to strengthen and protect the proprietary intellectual property rights and patent declaration. Currently, the intellectual property management has been one of the main content for R&D department, meanwhile, HTS Boiler has recognized that patents become a more and more crucial part in enterprise technology competition.
Through years’ development, HTS Boiler has built a three-dimensional co-design system, which utilizes the software of cad, caxa, pro/e, SolidWorks, UG, mastercam, etc, as the core, meanwhile, HTS Boiler pares no effort to carry out the information construction, which helps enterprise to achieve sustainable development and improve market competitiveness. Additionally, HTS Boiler will continuously develop and introduce a number of mainstream software and up-to-date technology to enhance the design ability and level in order to satisfy the ever-increasing demand and requirements of customers around the globe.

Post time: Jan-08-2020

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