Environmental Commitment


Since establishment, HTS Boiler has been respecting and cherishing the natural environment all along. Bring us more closer to the world is our long lasting environmental commitment, with an ever-increasing concentration on global warming, conservation and sustainability, green policies and action have been conducted to support sustainable development in its operations to conserve resources for future generations.

For the sake of positively responding the national call, Energy conservation & emission reduction is regarded as HTS Boiler’s top priority in boiler operation. 

On one hand, low nitrogen combustion technology has been perfected to reduce the formation of NOx by changing the combustion condition in order to control NOx emission in the standard range. What’s more, energy saving technology of condensate recovery has been utilized and applied in boiler, boiler back-end sensible heat and latent heat released can be absorbed during water vapor condensation, so as to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, meanwhile, CO2, NOx and a small amount of SO2 produced can be easily removed during the vapor condensation of flue gas, in this way, energy saving reaches up to 10-15%, harmful substances can be reduced effectively to meet GB13271-2014 emission standard of air pollutants as well.


On the other hand, HTS Boiler will keep technology innovating and development accelerating to speed energy-saving emission reduction technology research, accelerate the establishment of energy-saving emission reduction technology service system, promote the healthy development of environmental protection industry and strengthen international exchanges and cooperation to achieve the purpose of Energy conservation & emission reduction. 

Further more, HTS Boiler strengthens management and values evaluation and examination the technical level of personnel to strengthen the awareness of energy conservation & emission reduction.

Post time: Jan-08-2020

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