Gas Oil Boiler

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2.Capacity:1 ton,2 ton, 3 ton, 4 ton, 5 ton,6 ton, 8 ton,10 ton, 12 ton, 15 ton,20 ton

3.Design pressure:1.0Mpa(10bar/10kg/145psi), 1.25Mpa(13bar/13kg/180psi), 1.6Mpa(16bar/16kg/232psi),2.5Mpa(25bar/25kg/362psi)

4.Stem temperature:184℃,194℃,205℃,226℃

5.Design fuel:natural gas, lpg,lng,cng,city gas,biogas, diesel oil,heavy oil

6.Structure: three pass fire tube wet back


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Boiler belongs to horizontal internal combustion wet back gas (oil) condensing steam boiler, all pressure components are welded, it is composed of corrugated furnace liner combustion chamber, reburning chamber, smoke pipe, energy saver and condenser.

After the fuel is burned by the burner and the combustion chamber of the furnace, the flue gas passes through the reburning chamber, smoke pipe, front smoke box, energy saver and condenser, and finally discharged through the chimney.

The feed water enters the boiler drum through the condenser, make-up water tank and energy saver in turn.

The main feature of the wet back boiler is the reburning chamber, which realizes the structure of “fire in water” and fundamentally solves the problem of smoke box overheating. An explosion-proof door is arranged at the rear of the reburning chamber, which is also used as an inspection hole, through which the furnace can be inspected.



Textile Mill,Food and Beverage,Chemical,Medicine,Light Industry,Rubber,Printing and Dyeing Plant,Paper Mill,Wood Processing,Garment and Laundry etc.

Oil / gas boiler refers to the boiler whose fuel is oil or gas (such as natural gas, biogas, blast furnace gas, liquefied petroleum gas, diesel oil, light oil, etc.), which can be divided into steam boiler and hot water boiler according to their functions.



1) The boiler is fast assembled and delivered from the factory, and the installation period is short.

2) The full automatic control system can realize loading capacity regulation and operation automatically.

3) Complete set of safety protection devices: the boiler has high and low water level alarm and low water level interlock protection functions, as well as steam over pressure alarm device; reliable Ignition control device and flame out protection device are installed; when the blower trips or the gas pressure is lower than the specified value, the interlock device automatically cuts off the fuel supply.

4) The micro positive pressure combustion has higher efficiency and less power consumption than balanced ventilation.

5) When the designed fuel is used, the boiler can operate safely and stably in the range of 70 ~ 100% loading capacity.

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