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Water treatment principle of oil gas steam boiler 2017-12-22

The poor quality of the water will make the boiler heating surface scale, greatly reduce the heat transfer efficiency of oil gas steam boiler, pipe blockage, the heated metal overheating damage, such as bulging, tube explosion. Also produce metal corrosion, reduce the service life of the boiler. Therefore, boiler water treatment is very important tothe safe operation of the industrial steam boiler.
softenerThe hardness of water is mainly formed and expressed by calcium and magnesium. Therefore, cation exchange resin (softener) is generally used to replace Ca2 and Mg2 (the main components of scale). With the increase of Ca2 and Mg2 in resin, the efficiency of Ca2 is reduced, and the efficiency of Mg2 decreases.
When the resin absorbs a certain amount of calcium and magnesium ions, it must be regenerated. The regeneration process is to wash the resin layer with salt water in the salt box, replace the hardness ions on the resin and discharge the regenerated waste liquid out of the tank, and the resin restores the softening exchange function.
Because of the hardness of water is mainly composed of calcium, magnesium and said that due to the hardness of light oil steam boiler water is mainly composed of calcium, magnesium and sodium ion exchange softening treatment principle that is the raw water through the sodium cation exchange resin, the hardness of Ca2 components in water, exchange Mg2 and Na in resin phase, and from the adsorption of Ca2. Mg2, the water can be softened.
1. High efficiency: Reasonable automatic water softening device supports the overall design, which makes the effective resin exchange capacity play its role entirely.
2. Labor saving: High degree of automation, no need to send apersonnel to watch over.
3. Water saving: Automatic water softener, water production rate reaches more than 98%.
oil gas fired boiler4. Power saving: Adopt the siphon regeneration principle, salt pump is not needed, power consumption is only equivalent to 1% of manual softener equipment.
5. Small space occupation: Only need to provide the occupying space for resin tank and salt tank, pipeline and salt pump space is saved.
6. Convenient adjustment: User can adjust the regeneration cycle and regeneration timeaccording to actual needs.
7. Low operating costs:Due to a high degree of automation, softener can be adapted to the change of water flow, water production and recycling agent dosage can be measured accurately, which can avoid the regeneration of regenerant waste, and can save a lot of labor costs.
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