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The importance of industrial steam boiler water treatment 2018-01-05

The poor quality of the water will make the industrial steam boiler heating surface scale, greatly reduce the boilerheat transfer efficiency , block the pile, the heated metal overheats and damages, such as bulging, tube explosion. Also produce metal corrosion, reduce the service life of the boiler. Therefore, boiler water treatment is very important to boiler safe operation.
oil fired steam boilerScaling
After water is heated, boiled and evaporated, chemical reaction and continuously provides conditions for concentrated water impurities. When these impurities in the boiler water saturated, the solid material will be produced. If the solid material suspended in the boiler water, we call it water slag; if it is attached to the heating surface, we call it scale.
Oil gas fired steam boiler is a kind of heat exchange equipment, the generation of scale will greatly affect the boiler heat conductivity. So the boiler scale will produce following bad impact:
1. Fuel wastes
Boiler scale, so that the heating of the heat transfer performance of the poor fuel combustion on the heat can not be promptly delivered to the boiler water, a lot of heat carried away by smoke, smoke exhaust temperature is too high, if the loss increases, reducing the thermal efficiency of the boiler. In order to keep boiler rated parameters, we must add enough fuel, so fuel will be wasted, generally speaking 1mm Scale may waste 10% fuel.
2. Heated surfacedamages
The heat transfer performance is bad due to boiler scale, hence the fuel combustion heat can not be transferredto boiler water rapidly, resulting in the furnace and flue gas temperature rising. Therefore, temperature difference of heating surface on both sides increases, metal wall temperature increases, strength decreases, bulge even explosion may occur under the boiler inner pressure.
3. Boiler output reduces
Heat transfer performance will be bad due to food industry steam boiler fouling, ifit requires to achieve the rated output, more fuel will be consumed, with the increasing of scale thickness, the furnace volume is certain, fuel consumption is limited. Therefore, the boiler output will be reduced.
gas oil fired boilerCorrosion
1. Metal destruction
Oxygen, acid and alkaline substances contained in water will cause corrosion of the boiler metal surface, the wall will be thinning, depressing, or even perforating, reducing the boiler strength, seriously affects the safe operation of the boiler. Especially for the hot water boiler, the circulating water is large, the corrosion is more serious.
2. Under-deposit corrosion
The scale contains high iron, which is easy to cause the metal corrosion scale due to water contact. While iron corrosion products are easy to form scale. This is a vicious spiral, it will quickly lead to boiler parts damage. Especially the harm of oil fired boiler corrosion product is more serious.
Geyser action
In addition to improper operation, when the furnace water contains more sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, oil and silicides, or boiler water organic matter and alkali occur saponification, during boiler water boiling and evaporation process, the liquid surface will produce foam, hence it leads to geyser action.
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