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Problems of smoke Emission and Prevention in Oil-fired Boiler 2017-12-29

In order to alleviate the problem of environmental pollution and improve the quality of the atmospheric environment, in recent years, WNS horizontal oil-fired boilers are gradually replacing small and medium-sized coal-fired boilers, although the cost of oil-fired boilers is slightly higher. But we can remove the smoke and smoke black degree in the atmosphere, we are gradually changing into a gas boiler, which reduces the emission standard phenomenon of smoke blackness, if no measures are taken to control it. Not only will it affect environmental pollution, but it will also cause a certain amount of waste because of the incomplete combustion of fuel. We will now analyze the causes and discuss the solution.
oil fired boilerAs far as we know, the main conditions to ensure the complete combustion of fuel oil are good atomization quality and reasonable air distribution, of course, there are other factors are also very crucial, combustion, in order to make the fuel burning fast. In the furnace, atomizer was first used to spray the oil into a very fine oil nozzle into the furnace to make the oil burning in suspension state, and the oil droplet diameter was the best in the state of 0.1-0.25 mm. This is because when the oil droplet is too large, the gas-liquid flow can not support it, the oil droplet will fall in the flame, resulting in incomplete combustion of black smoke, so it is important to choose a more suitable atomizer. Usually used in boiler machinery atomizing nozzles, steam atomizing nozzles and machinery-- steam conformance nozzles and so on. According to the performance of the nozzle. The diameter of atomized oil droplets of mechanical atomization nozzle is 0. 0. 4 mm, the thickness is not uniform, the oil droplets become coarse and combustible at low load, and the viscosity of oil droplets is 3-7 ℃. The atomized oil droplet is less than 100 microns, the droplet is uniform, the oil droplet does not change much at low load, the fuel oil with flammable oil viscosity of 6-15e, the viscosity of the oil is 200 ml by the Engler unit. The required time and distilled water flow out at 20 ℃ 200 ml, the required time ratio, so viscosity represents the flow of oil, heavy viscosity in addition to moisture, mainly depends on temperature, temperature rise. Viscosity is reduced, in order to improve the atomization quality, the oil must be heatedatomization needed to atomize the optimal viscosity, or cause the boiler to smoke. But after the replacement of the eye chimney or often black smoke for this. The environmental protection department carried on the economic punishment, the factory proposed the opinion to this end, later, after careful consideration, we need look for the reason, knew is because industrial oil fired boiler temperature is too low causes, we took the measure to add a heater device. The temperature of light oil has been raised from 90 ℃ to 110 ℃, which solves the problem of boiler black smoke.
The oil temperature in front of the nozzle is also related to the viscosity of the oil required by different types of nozzles.
industrial oil fired boilerAfter the atomization is in good performance, we can make sure that the oil is well mixed and completely com-busted. When the gas supply is not sufficient, the oil will be evaporated and burned on the one hand, and decomposed into heavy hydrocarbons on the other. Even decomposed into carbon and hydrogen. Heavy hydrocarbons or carbon are solids, they are very difficult to burn, left the furnace without burning out of the chimney caused black smoke, but if the gas supply is too large. It can cause smoke droplets to pollute and waste before they can burn from the chimney. Only when the air and the oil are heated do they vaporize and oxidize. After the oil is oxidized, hydrogen and carbon monoxide are formed. They are gaseous and can easily burn and do not emit black smoke, in order to make the oil mist enter the furnace. The simplest air regulator is actually made up of a lot of fan-shaped nozzles that are inserted into the furnace from its middle hole. It is usually made of three plates with the same holes on it and other vane air regulators. The boiler shell type air regulator, which makes the air flow rotation to enhance the combustion of oil, can check whether these parts are appropriate at any time in actual work to ensure the correct way of air supply, so that the oil can be fully burned.
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