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Discussion on the problems of testing for oil fired boiler 2017-12-25

WNS series oil fired boileris the most popular shell type boilers at home and abroad in current national market, this kind of structure of boiler is compact, small footprint, metal consumption is generally small, micro positive pressure combustion, the furnace type is very suitable for oil burning boiler, at the same time, it is also applicable to advocate energy conservation and strengthen environmental protection , thus , it has developed fast.
Before do inspection job,we should ask the relevant user pulls down the boiler manhole, hand hole, hole and check all doors hole device, it should be the demolition of the boiler accessories hindersfor inspection. In addition, we need to check the boiler and heating system connected to the steam in the water supply, sewage pipeline is taken reliable measures to cut off, and hung on the stop sign in the pipeline to be tested on the cylinder and the boiler.
horizontal oil fired boilerThe water supply pipe for inspection
The water supply pipe is also a part of the horizontal oil fired boiler which is prone to defect. Boilers use defect prone parts. Temperature stress is one of the most serious reasons for cracking in oil fired boiler.
Due to the location of the temperature stress of the pipe, water supply and water supply by the vibration effect of casing, easy to crack, but also according to the water quality index for water supply pipe and casing corrosion of boiler and formulate a suitable cycle surface visit.
Inspection of smoke pipe
AS For inspection of smoke pipe, we need to observe whether the pipes and board welding parts leakage with yellow, white or yellowish white, product scale or alkali, for no penetrating crack mainly uses a key test for boiler, rotary smoke chamber and a high temperature region tube plate, pipe surface must be clean, wipe and direction the crack may be generated perpendicular to the direction of the observation, at the same time, it can be loosely tapping on the metal surface, please do not beat the possible position is insinuating, crack surface will be mixed with a cigarette.
After the crack has been reached, the pressure elements on both sides are slightly beaten. Because of the vibration, the scale and ash at the crack interface will be discontinuous, so the crack can be measured accurately
Inspection of furnace and combustion chamber
When the inspection of China manufacture oil fired boiler, boiler furnace front a product of black oil, the main causes of black oil: oil nozzle vane loose, or atomizer pollution, some effects of atomization, droplets of oil leakage generated, or fuel supply system, fuel system check, improve the problem of oil accumulation.
wns series oil fired boilerA key part of boiler combustion and boiler inspection, the inspection of the boiler is wet back type of oil fired boiler, according to this type of test, in addition to the focus back to the combustion chamber of the plate edge weld and weld pipe, tube plate, focus on examination of the combustion chamber of the short strut, due to burning room short strut bearing the pressure of the boiler, so the short pull rod and tube plate welded at the crack.
Inspection of smoke box in low temperature area
We need check the content of the smoke box in oil fired boiler for salelow temperature zone. Our task is mainly to check whether there is smoke box after fouling and corrosion. The smoke box appears dust reason is because of the presence of some metal elements in oil, in the combustion process can form low melting point compounds, softening state by adhesion on the surface of heat in the low temperature region, the the other is the dust stuck up, dust is formed.
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