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Design requirements for chimney flue of Industrial Oil Boiler 2017-12-13

1. The industrial oil boiler chimney flue should be straight with good air tightness, few accessories and small resistance, and the horizontal flue should at least keep 1% rising arrangement when laying, so as to avoid positive slopearrangement.
2. The gas flue and chimneys of oil and industrial oil gas fired boiler should be constructed by steel or reinforced concrete, and the lowest point of the flue and chimney should be set up with water sealed condensate water drainage pipes.
industrial oil fired boiler3. The thickness of metal fluesteel plate is generally 4~6mm. When designing the flue, it should be equipped with reinforced stiffeners to ensure the strength and stiffness.
4. The thermal expansion of the flue should be compensated and the amount of compensation should be calculated and selected correctly.
5. Steel flue duct should take thermal insulation measures and have reliable fixation.
6. In oil gas fired boiler house, each boiler should connect with one chimney flue correspondingly. When a few boilers share a flue or chimney under the condition of restriction, the ventilation and the balance of each boiler should be balanced.
7. When setting up the flue, it is necessary to set up the thermal test points and environmental monitoring points at the appropriate location. When the rated evaporation capacity of a fuel boiler is greater than or equal to 20t/h or a single rated heat power greater than or equal to 14MW,a fixed continuous monitoring instrument must be provided for the concentration ofS02 emission from the flue gas.
8. In the gas easy gathering place and when many boilers share a chimney or a total flue, flue gas boiler after each fuel shall be installed explosion-proof explosion-proof door, door position should be conducive to the relief, should be located in the proper position without endangering the safety of personnel and before the turn, when the gas explosion may endanger the safety of operating personnel, explosion-proof equipment should be installed with a pressure guide tube.
industrial oil fired boiler9. For some boiler rooms with longer flue, the resistance should be checked and the corresponding drums and fan (if there is a fan) are selected to ensure the smooth flow of smoke.
10. The chimney should be considered with the corresponding anti-corrosion measures. The flue gas temperature at the outlet of the chimney should be higher than the dew point temperature of the flue gas at 15 degrees C. when the exhaust gas temperature is lower than the dew point temperature, effective measures should be taken to prevent smoke from pouring backward.
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