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Analysis Some Practical Problems For Oil Gas Fired Boilers 2018-01-08

In recent years, the production and production of industrial oil fired boiler factories in China have been increasing, the grade of products has been improved, and the variety of specifications has also increased, in order to adapt to the different needs and competition of open domestic and foreign markets. It is also necessary to do more research and exploration on the regularity of WNS horizontal oil-fired boiler, to improve and optimize the existing boiler products in China, to improve the reliability of use, and to strengthen the technical exchange. Try to avoid the low level repeated detours, draw lessons from the advantages of foreign factory direct sale oilfired boilers to develop more furnace types, continuous innovation.
industrial oil fired boilerThe gas dynamic noise and flutter of the boiler shell oil boiler will produce the noise and vibration induced by the air flow because of the disturbance of the fan, burner and airflow passage, and the sudden change of the pressure. And the pulsation characteristics of the flame.
Due to the reflection of the noise from the wall of the air chamber and the passing rate of the sound in the variable cross section is about 1 - ( s1 - s2 / s1 - s2 ) ² , the sudden expansion or contraction of the cross section of the boiler inner furnace , the smoke chamber and the pipe joint can cause the noise propagating along the flue gas flow to accumulate and overlap continuously between the cross - section mutations , and the inherent vibration of the gas in the furnace can not be smoothly passed through the chimney , and the standing wave is displayed , which is very similar to the turbulent noise inoil fired boiler air preheater caused by the Karman vortex street .
The free vibration of airflow in the gas chamber has a defined frequency, and its value is determined by the shape and size of the chamber. The first and the lowest inherent frequency wavelength is the same order as the air chamber's linear degree.
That is, the inherent frequency c / l. C is the velocity of sound, the velocity of sound in gas is proportional to the square root of absolute temperature, and the velocity of sound in smoke is about 16.92, because the lower the frequency of sound wave is, the greater the wavelength is. The more obvious the fluctuation, the worse the directly and reflectivity. The low frequency acoustic wave can produce significant diffraction and scattering phenomenon in the gas chamber of the boiler and can not be used as normal reflection. On the other hand, the absorption rate of sound wave is approximately proportional to the square of frequency, so the inherent peak frequency can not be low or high.
factory direct sale oil fired boilerThe smoke temperature is high , the smoke temperature is high , the smoke temperature is low , the smoke temperature is low , the smoke temperature is high , the smoke temperature is low , the smoke temperature is low , the smoke temperature is high , The natural frequencies of elastic components such as wall panels, smoke doors and explosion-proof doors are close to each other when the boiler's front and rear walls are close to the standing wave frequency of the gas chamber. The movement of components and the movement of air flow are coupled with each other, and the components absorb energy continuously from the air flow, resulting in a large amplitude, resulting in strong vibration induced by air flow.
Shell oil fired boiler in order to avoid aerodynamic noise and chatter, design note: smooth flow, reduce local resistance, to prevent a sudden change in pressure and flow vortex, the noise radiation area decreases the smoke chamber, changing the noise radiation, the selection of suitable fan and burner, strengthen the dynamic stiffness of the elastic member. To improve the ability of anti vibration.
HTS Boiler has been engaged in HTS oil fired boiler manufacturing more than 20 years. Since establishment, our company arouses its all efforts tomake the enterprise prosperous.We adhere to the scientific innovation and strict management ,externally, enhance the service consciousness constantly, improve service quality persistently , reply on specialized production and advance equipment to meet continuous increasing customer’s demand.
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