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Analysis of common issues in industrial gas boiler about exploration proof 2017-12-18

In recent years, some important departments have high requirements for the environment, we hope that we can use a gas boiler in addition to the same protection requirements of coal-fired boilers, there is a special problem, that is explosion protection.
fire tube industrial gas boilerIn the process offire tube industrial gas boiler operation, according to the cause of the accident, most of them are improper operation or component failure, but from the point of view of protection design, we need to know that how to increase the appropriate protection, reduce accidents, it is also the focus of the study.
As we know, there are 2 conditions for the production of explosion, the gas mixed with the amount of air, the concentration in the explosion range, a certain temperature (spark or flame), in order to avoid explosion, principle of the two conditions to remove a condition will not happen, but in order to make the boiler provide gas, will need fuel combustion. To provide gas, air and temperature (flame), then it will be not in the explosion process.
Firstly, we need analyze the burner, The burner is equipped with combustible gas, some burner also pre mixed with a certain amount of air, but internal general burner does not reach the temperature when the explosion, so do not explode when wind pressure or gas pressure suddenly reduced, matching is not reasonable, the outlet of the burner flow rate will be reduced, the combustion is not normal, it would be caused by tempering, at this point in the burner is likely to explode, accordingly, interlock protection should be provided with lower gas pressure, then we need to analyze the outlet of the burner, temperature and wind, when the fuel and air ratio when appropriate (the actual air should make a slight surplus), they can completely burn, but the gas pressure is too high (due to the gas pressure regulating valve failure), burner belongs to under oxygen combustion, Combustion instability in severe cases, or even flameout, at this time there are a large number of unburned gas into the horizontal industrial gas boiler furnace, accumulate in the rear corner, corner or flue gas, when the explosion reached when the concentration of the furnace or flue has a certain temperature, it will explode, so we should set high pressure gas protection then we need analyze what happens if the pressure is too high, if the first fan selection is reasonable, the pressure will not be too high, even if the second high pressure air volume is too large, or when the ignition is too big blow out the flame, then there should be a flameout protection action, we can avoid a lot of gas into the for amount of gas furnace, for set up before and after the purging procedure, so it will not explode, setting high pressure protection is not necessary.
fire tube industrial gas boilerAccording to the above analysis, in order to prevent the explosion of combustible gas, we set a four protections in total, such as low air pressure, high and low gas pressure, flameout and so on. The setting value of air pressure and combustible gas pressure protection should be adjusted according to the specific conditions of each boiler.
In explosion accidents of China Price industrial gas boiler, most of them happen in the ignition furnace. In order to preventwrongoperation, automatic program ignition should be set up. Our program is added to manual operation, so it is a semi-automatic program, which is also considered to reduce the cost of boilers.
In the program ignition, the front blowing and the back blowing are very important parts, and the purging time should be decided according to the wall of eachnew style of industrial gas boiler. 5min is selected for the water tube boiler, which is relatively safe, and the purging time for the fire tube boiler is shorter, which is beneficial to the rapid movement.
The choice of time conditions should ensure that the blowing air volume is to protect the furnace and flue statistics more than 8 times, so that the gas before purging can be filled with the furnace flue, after blowing the gas concentration is not more than 1%, it will not cause explosion.
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