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Common Breakdown and treatments of The Automatic Burning Control Device for Gas Fired Boiler 2018-01-02

The automatic gas boiler fuel is natural gas and artificial gas are clean and efficient energy, natural gas fields with China's large-scale development of metallurgical industry and all kinds of gas recovery technology is gradually mature. The gas boiler in China is on the rise in the proportion of the boiler in the boiler room,it trend the direct purchase of gas boiler, the the original layer burning boilers into gas-fired boiler, gas boiler at the same time, the accident is increasing year by year, also caused the attention of each respect.
horizontal fire tube gas fired boilerThe occurrence of furnace explosion must meet the following three conditions : ( a ) there is combustible gas in the furnace chamber; (b) of combustible gas and air and a mixture to the explosive ratio; (c) there is enough to ignite the mixture temperature, in short, in the furnace, when the combustible gas is mixed with air to reach a certain percentage, encountered fire or reach a temperature above the fire will explode, the above phenomenon generally occurs in a furnace boiler go out,such as natural gas, themain component is methane (CH4) gas concentration for air in the range of 5-15%, i.e. ignition explosion, and caused great damage, so the furnace safety protection device for China price industrial gas boiler is essential.
Furnace safety protection device can be divided into two kinds: explosion proof door and combustion automatic control device. The effect of explosion proof door on preventing and reducing furnace explosion is extremely limited, mainly because it is difficult to estimate the explosion position and explosion energy. The sensitivity of the action of the explosion proof door is limited. The second is that the explosion occurs in an instant, the speed is extremely fast, the shock wave energy is propagating in all directions at the same time, and the furnace volume is small, the smoke can flow along the flue. At the same time, there is a fan to attract, a considerable part of energy to the furnace outlet and release along the flue gas flow, even if the explosion-proof door opened, its discharge energy is also limited, these two points will lead to the explosion protection of the door is limited, so. The most effective way to prevent furnace explosion is to realize the automatic control of combustion. The combustion automatic device of gas fired boiler is mainly for ignition program control and flameout.
The flameout protection device has three important components, the flame detector, the protection relay, and the fuel emergency shutoff valve.
When the temperature of the inner wall of the combustion chamber is lower than the fuel ignition point, the main nozzle flame will be extinguished and the main nozzle flame will be extinguished. Once the main nozzle flame is extinguished, the gas concentration in the furnace will reach the explosion zone. In order to prevent the explosion, flame detector should be used to confirm the combustion state of the main nozzle to control the fuel flow rate.
automatic gas boilerThe invention relates to a method for detecting flame , which is an electrical method . In order to utilize a method of flame conductivity , an alternating current voltage is added to a flame rod made of a high - grade alloy material , and a DC current is rectified by the rectification action of the flame. When the flame is extinguished , the insulation is reduced , the relay acts , the fuel emergency shut - off valve is immediately closed , and the fan is still running , and then is swept , until the hearth and the tail flue internal storage combustible gas are cleared , and the purge ends of the industrial gas fired boiler.
Automatic control device for fault location analysis. Ignition protection relay timer and flameout protection device for program control in the electromagnetic relay contact electromagnetic relay in multi fault location, in use process, cause contact wear mainly because of liquid bridge phenomenon and discharge phenomenon breaking in contact with the closing process, the liquid bridge phenomenon generally occurs off in the process of contact to separate when the contact pressure is reduced, the increase of contact resistance, the contact metal partial melting and the formation of metal bridge local temperature rise, when beginning to contact in the contact closure in the process of liquid bridge.
Due to the action of the liquid bridge , after a plurality of actions of the contact points , the melted impurities are dissolved in the water by the weight groups of the molten state to become electrolyte , the dust particles and the metal form a corrosion micro battery , and the failure of the electromagnetic valve coil of the metal corrosion is accelerated , which is caused by the corrosion of the electrolyte .
In view of the above reasons, the automatic control of electromagnetic valve device of horizontal fire tube gas fired boiler combustion, should be possible in the dry environment and dust concentration of small, regularly by the electrician megger test solenoid valve coil insulation, the electromagnetic valve can accurately and ensure the safe operation of action at the crucial moment.
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