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  • Once through hot water boiler

Once through hot water boiler

Rated thermal capacity: 0.15/0.2/0.35/0.5/0.7/1.05/1.4 MW
Rated working pressure: atmospheric pressure
Feed water temperature: 20℃
Thermal efficiency: ≥90%
Design fuel: Diesel,heavy oil,natural gas
Power: 2/2/3/5/8/10/14 kw


Once-through hot water boiler is a hot water boiler with vertical water tubes arrangement, it has the advantages of compact structure, high thermal efficiency, short installation period, small construction investment. The boiler is equipped with temperature control and low level control devices to ensure safe and reliable operation. Once-through hot water boiler is composed of U shape upper header, the lateral tubes, membrane water wall tubes, U shape lower header and other parts. 
This kind of boiler is equipped with excellent configuration combustion burner, which adopts automatic burning proportion adjustment, automatic water feeding regulator, program start-up and shut-down and automatic operation. It has the functions of high and low water level alarm,ultra low water level alarm, ultra high pressure, automatic flame-out protection. This type of boiler has the advantages of compact structure, safe,reliable and simple operation, quick installation, low pollution, low noise, high efficiency.
It is widely used for heating supply in commercial complex, hotel, office building, residence, school, etc.; Domestic water in hotel,swimming pool,Sauna spa,Commercial complex,hospital,school and manufacturing technique.


1. Optimized multi return heated surface layout
Adhering to traditional boiler design of energy saving and environmental protection, hence increase the ratio of radiation and low heat transfer, W type flue gas flow extends flue gas flow, water temperature difference in different water level is increased accordingly, thus temperature pressure is produced, it not only increases the turbulent degree of boiler water and improve the heat transfer coefficient, but also makes combustion and heat absorbtion more sufficient.
2. More convenient installation and use
Adopt vertical water tube with compact structure,integrated all parts makes the installation convenient and saves you time and space, the boiler is equipped with advanced automatic single chip microcomputer control system, you can enter the automatic operation state with a gentle push. Temperature display is accurate, temperature rising is faster  than the ordinary boiler.
3. Intelligent system control
The system is highly intelligent control system with complete functions, just preset the water temperature and automatic operation will be carried out without the need of personnel to watch over. In addition, temperature control, over temperature, water shortage and other multiple protections are provided to ensure safe and efficient operation of the boiler.
4. Green and environmental protection
HTS Boiler advocates green environmental protection. Equipped with imported burner which makes combustion sufficient. The boiler complies with the requirements of environmental protection department, product design, manufacture and inspection is strictly subjected to the implementation of JB/7985-95 atmospheric pressure hot water boiler general technical conditions national standards.
5. Superior quality materials
The exterior surface of the outer protective plate is made of stainless steel or stoving varnish, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance and rust prevention. Full water pipe tube structure ensures high safety, high efficiency, small pollution of heated surface, small water volume, fast heat production and convenient use.

Technical Parameters

LSS Once Through Hot Water Boiler Technical Data

Boiler Item Boiler Type
CLSS0.15 CLSS0.2 CLSS0.35 CLSS0.5 CLSS0.7 CLSS1.05 CLSS1.4
Rated Capacity   MW 0.2 0.2 0.4 0.5 0.7 10.5 1.4
Rated Steam Presusser   MPa Atmospheric Pressure
Type of Burning     On-Off Hi-Low-Off
Thermal Efficency   % >90
Apply Fuel     Diesel,Heavy Oil,Natural Gas  
Fuel Consumption   Diesel
14 19 32 46 65 97 130
  Heavy Oil
15 20 35 49 69 103 137
  Natural Gas
17 23 39 56 78 118 156
Water Out&Inlet     DN40 DN40 DN50 DN65 DN80 DN100 DN100
Electric power   KW 2 2 3 5 8 10 14
Chimney Diameter   mm φ200 φ200 φ200 φ280 φ280 φ350 φ430
Boiler Weight   t 1.15 1.34 1.5 2.15 2.25 2.65 2.9
Dimension L mm 1400 1420 1600 1700 1800 1900 2100
W mm 950 1060 1100 1300 1300 1400 1500
H mm 2000 2200 2200 2450 2750 2970 3100
HI mm 790 790 790 900 940 1150 1150

1.Natural gas low calorific value 8500Kcal/NM³, diesel low calorific valve 10000Kcal/Kg, heavy oil low calorific valve 4000Kcal/Nm³.
2.The data and image in the table just as your refer, Huatai reserves the right to modify the data without notify the user since the product renews unceasingly.
3.Please get in touch with us to confirm the data to prefabricate, reserve and design the boiler room.
HTS Boiler reserves the right to modify the data in above table without notify the user since the product renews unceasingly.

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