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Industrial hot water boiler

Rated Thermal Power: 0.35/0.7/1.05/1.4/2.1/2.8MW
Rated steam pressure: atmospheric pressure
Rated Output Water: 85℃
Rated Return Water: 60℃
Boiler efficiency: ≥93%
Applicable Fuel: Natural Gas, Liquefied Gas, City Gas , Naphtha



CWNS series atmospheric hot water boiler is a type of horizontal internal combustion boiler. Its inner body communicates with the atmosphere, which ensures boiler operation under atmospheric pressure, and there is no need to worry about the dangers of pressure bearing due to its high safety coefficient. Oil/gas fired hot water boiler adopts horizontal internal combustion three return full wet back structure, 100% fire in water design, which allow sufficient heating area and flue gas return, hence, it ensures the efficient operation of the boiler. 100% corrugated furnace design guarantees a good heat scalability and increases the intensity, meanwhile, it enhances flue gas disturbance while ensures the expansion, what’s more, furnace heating area is increased effectively. 

What is worth mentioning that the hot water boiler adopts completely automatic control, users just press the start button, the boiler will be able to start up according to the set procedures. Load regulation, automatic water replenishment and other functions are fully automatic design to meet user’ operation requirements.

Hot water boiler fuel can be city light oil, heavy oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, city gas and other fuels and the boiler is widely used in hotels, residence, villa, office buildings, leisure and entertainment venues and other places where is needed of heating and hot water supply.



1.The application of corrugated furnace, thread smoke pipe and other intensified heat transfer fittings, not only enhance the heat transfer effect, but also absorb expansion and contraction of boiler body. 

2.Combustion chamber utilizes wet-back structure, which avoids the disadvantage that the rear tube plate is easy to be burnt by high temperature flue gas, hence, it ensures boiler safe operation.

3.High efficiency and energy saving Boiler thermal efficiency can reach above 92%, considerable cost can be saved for users.

4. Boiler is equipped with world famous Italy Baltur or Riello burners, which can accurately proportion air and gas, ensure excellent combustion quality and combustion efficiency, reduce pollutant production and emissions effectively.

5.Every part of the boiler is manufactured according to the national standard and international standard (ISO). Each production link is strictly in accordance with the advanced production process, so as to ensure the reliable quality of the product.

6.Movable gas chamber doors are provided for front and rear part, rear part is provided with manhole for inspecting and cleaning furnace body. Manhole, head hole and hand hole, are provided for boiler proper, future maintenance is fully considered into structure design.

7.The boiler water lever is set on the boiler top inside the high water level tank, when the normal corrosion occurs near waterline, the high water level tank will be corroded instead of corroding the boiler proper caused by setting the water level inside the boiler drum. Therefore, it can prolong the service life of boiler effectively and facilitate easy maintenance.

8. Supporting with world famous brand burner, advanced control cabinet, valve and water pump, reliable boiler corollary equipment can ensure the safe and reliable operation and improve the overall quality.

Technical Parameters

CWNS Series Atmospheric Pressure Oil/Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler Technical Data
Boiler Item Boiler Model
CWNS0.35 CWNS0.7 CWNS1.05 CWNS1.4 CWNS2.1 CWNS2.8
Rated thermal Power   MW 0.35 0.7 1.05 1.4 2.1 2.8
Rated Working Pressure   MPa 0 0 0 0 0 0
Rated Output Water Temperature   85 85 85 85 85 85
Rated Return Water Temperature   60 60 60 60 60 60
Boiler Efficiency   % ≥93% ≥93% ≥93% ≥93% ≥93% ≥93%
Applicable Fuel   / Natural Gas,Liquefied gas,City Gas,Naphtha
Fuel Theoretical consumption Natural Gas NM³/h 36.6 73 109 146 212 293
Liquefied gas kg/h 29.6 59 89 117 176 234
City Gas NM³/h 78 155 232 302 463 603
Light oil kg/h 32 65 97.5 118 195 235
Gas Supply Pressure Natural Gas mbar 50-100 50-100 50-100 50-100 50-100 50-100
City Gas mbar 70-200 70-200 70-200 70-200 70-200 70-200
Rated Water Circulation Capacity(M³/h)   12 20 36 48 72 96
Boiler Water Volume (M³)   1.1 3.05 5.2 5.9 13.1 15.8
Remark:The fuel consumption in the table is calculated by the light oil low calorific value 42915KJ(10260Kcal/Kg), natural gas low calorific value 35588KJ/NM³(8500Kcal/NM³),liquefied gas low calorific value 45998KJ/Kg(11000Kcal/Kg)and city gas low calorific value 16750JK/NM³(4000Kcal/NM³).
CWNS Series Atmospheric Pressure Oil/Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler Outline And Connector Dimension
Boiler Item Boiler Model
CWNS0.35 CWNS0.7 CWNS1.05 CWNS1.4 CWNS2.1 CWNS2.8
mm L:1949mm
Weight t 2.5 3.75 5.6 7.7 8.9 10.1
Output Water Valve Pipe Diameter DN mm 50 65 80 100 125 125
Return Water Valve Pipe  Diameter DN mm 50 65 80 100 125 125
Atmospheric Connection Valve Pipe Diameter DN mm 80 100 125 125 150% 200
Blowdown Valve Pipe Diameter DN mm 40 40 40 40 40 40
Chimney Diameter φmm 250 280 300 350 400 400
Remark: Huatai reserves the right to modify the data in above table without notifying the user since the product renews continuously.

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