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What are the roles of Huatai oil and gas boiler bypass valve2018-01-10

As we know, fuel oil and gas boiler steam pipe needs pipeheating when steam passes through,and this process needs to be slow. Due to the large valve operation is very inconvenient, once open it , there will be a lot of oil gas burning boiler steam into the pipeline, it will cause water shock, vibration and other phenomena, Severe damage to piping and systems. In order to ensure the heating pipe process stability. Safety, so a relatively small valve is arranged at the valve side, using the small valve to control the steam into the pipeline, in order to achieve the purpose of feeding steam heating pipe slowly. After a complete oil-and-gas-boiler.
oil and gas boilerThe pipe heating to the steam pipeline, open the main steam valve.
Thus, there are three main function of the bypass valve as follows.
The first part is to protect the main oil boiler steam valve, Steam the main steam valve evenly so as to avoid excessive thermal stress, Compared with the main steam pipe, the main steam valve is much thicker than that of the main steam pipe. If the heating pipe opens its bypass valve first, and opened the main steam valve at the end of the heating pipe, the main steam valve is more evenly heated, and the thermal stress produced is very small.
The second part is to protect the steam piping system ,avoid in the warm pipe due to a large number of steam suddenly into the pipe causing water shock, vibration and other phenomena. 
The third part is easy to operate .In the process of heating pipe, the main heavy oil boiler steam valve is difficult to operate because of the large pressure difference between the main steam valve fore-and-aft. The use of open bypass, on the one hand heating tube, so that the valve is easy to open, reducing the sealing surface of the valve wear, and the bypass valve flow interface is smaller, easier to control the speed of the heating pipe.
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