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The welding requirements of thermal oil boiler2017-12-27

The inspection requirement thermal oil boiler welded joints is based on the relevant department views and refers to foreign relevant norms. This regulation is not required by gas phase furnace and liquid phase furnace inspection, but different requirements according to different compression components.
thermal oil boiler1. The longitudinal weld seam and head cover joint seam ofheat-conducting oil boiler drum are provided with 100% radiationor 100% ultrasonicwith at least 25% X-ray radiography inspection, consistent with the basic requirements for steam boiler and hot water boiler basically, increased by only allowing provisions plus at least 25% X-ray detection using 100% ultrasonic, and 80 version of steam boiler for the same. This regulationmainly considers 100% ultrasonic plus 25% ray flaw detection. It can detect defects in welding seam so as to meet safety requirements and reduce production cost. 25% ray flaw detection must include the longitudinal joint and the ring joint section.
2. For the butt joint of the heated surface pipe, the requirements are put forward separately according to the different heat conditions. Different heating refers to difference of radiation heat and convective heat. In the draft of the solicitation, 25% and 10% inspection are stipulated respectively. In the opinion of feedback, some units think that the requirements are low, and it is advisable to change it to 100% and 50%, and some units think this requirement can be lower. After the analysis, we adopted the latter opinion, the radiation segment is not less than 10% ray detection, and the convective segment is not less than 5% ray detection. The main consideration of the butt weld of the heated surface pipe is to adopt the gas shielded welding, and the quality can be guaranteed. In addition, this regulation also stipulates the calculation of the detection method and the inspection rate, so that the procedure is more operable.
thermal oil boiler3. In addition to the gas fired hot oil heater drum should be carried out with mechanical performance test, liquid heat oil boiler drum furnace and all heating all the organic heat carrier furnace tube, pipe butt joints require mechanical tests. Therefore, concerning batch drum production, this regulation is only on the gas boiler when each of the ten make a check plate. Other circumstances are not required to do a test board. Mainly consider the liquid furnace pressure is low, and the rules of welding methods not only put forward clear rules, but also put forward new requirements for welding procedure qualification, which can guarantee the weld quality and performance.
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