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The importance and maintenance method of gas boiler maintenance2017-12-21

Industrial natural gas boilers play a vital role in the process of energy production and other industrial processes. The boiler is a very valuable asset, requiring daily maintenance and inspection. There are several reasons for the importance of the maintenance of a good industrial boiler.
The maintenance of conventional boilers can help prevent a first aid shutdown. Why? Well, boiler maintenance is so important. The most important reason is that it helps to prevent boiler related emergency shutdown. In most industrial equipment, the boiler is usually a necessary equipment. If the boiler is broken, all operations in the factory will stop running, stop production and cause the factory to lose productivity.
natural gas fired boilerThe maintenance of the boiler improves the efficiency of the boiler - the boiler is a huge fuel consumer. In order to reduce the cost of fuel and energy and to maximize the output, the boiler must work as efficiently as possible. Regular maintenance and routine inspection play an important role in the detection and correction of boiler efficiency.
The maintenance and inspection of regular boilers increases the life of the boiler - the boiler is a very large capital investment. No industrial plant or refinery is willing to buy a new boiler because they don't take full care of their old boilers. Good maintenance will help to prolong the service life of the boiler and prevent the expensive new purchase.
Regular boiler maintenance helps prevent accidents - safety is the most concern of all industrial plants and refineries. The accident not only causes tragic damage to the personnel, but also the accident can cause destructive structural damage to the equipment. Good industrial boiler maintenance can help prevent boiler accidents, detect and correct potential problems safely, and then can cause accidents.
The regular maintenance of the boiler should be paid attention to the routine operation procedure in order to ensure the normal operation of the factory production.Maintenance of oil and gas boiler
1. In operation, oil and gas boiler should be paid attention to:
Do not let the furnace smoke in the positive pressure combustion, it is easy to burn out the burner.
If the burners vibrate violently, check the burners.
Water can not be accumulated at the bottom of the boiler to be corroded by water.
natural gas fired boiler2. Oil and gas boiler RuN2 - 3 weeks later, it should be checked once. The water level meter, valve, pipe flange and so on should be repaired.
3. The boiler should be fully maintained every 36 months after the shutdown, and the following work should be done.
Use clean water to remove dirt and dirt in the boiler.
Scavenging dirt and dirt on the surface of the fire.
Check the internal and external corrosion of the welded steel plate of the boiler, if there is a serious defect and repair it immediately. If found suspicious, but does not affect the production safety, and timely records, for reference.
After inspection, the boiler is coated on the surface of the boiler to prevent corrosion.
4. The boiler insulation layer, the shell and the boiler base are painted at least once a year.
5. The boiler is not running for more than a month, the first to dehydration, thoroughly remove dirt inside, and with fire drying.d with fire drying.
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