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Protection device for condensing oil gas fired boiler2018-01-03

Condensing oil gas fired boiler adopts waveform furnace structure, which not only strengthens the disturbance of flue gas, but also increases the radiation heat transfer area; It not only increases the rigidity of the furnace, but also effectively reduces the expansion stress of the furnace; It not only enhances the heat transfer effect, but also promotes the combustion of the fuel in the furnace.
The smoke and fire tube (smoke) welding process of tube plate adopts pre expansion to eliminate the gap between tube and tube plate, and the technological measures of re welding can effectively prevent the possible corrosion in the high temperature zone. Smoke pipe is threaded pipe, which is patent design, easy to open, convenient to repair, check and clean up. The smoke chamber adopts light type superior quality refractory and high temperature resistant material, which has good heat preservation effect.
industrial steam boilerUse PLC full touch screen controller
The horizontal condensing steam boiler controller is imported from South Korea, which adopts large screen color touch screen display. The function is complete and the operation is simple. PLC control mode ensures the safe operation of the controller, timely monitor the operating conditions of the test points of the boiler, and calculates the operation efficiency of the boiler. It has the function of record of fault and record of running condition, so it is easy to analyze and master theoperation law. The controller carries the communication interface and communication protocol, which can realize the Internetremote control.
protection system
Water level protection utilizes multiple protection to protect boiler, matching one or two plate type water meter, which can be compared to each other, when the indication is inconsistent, it can be immediately corrected. The water level meter should be washed in each class to determine its true water level. At the same time, the electric pole water level balance tube is also equipped, which can accurately collect the water level signal to send out the alarm or control the water supply pump.
When the boiler pressure exceeds the rated value, chain protection is carried out to reduce the pressure to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.
The pressure protection of the condensing oil fired steam boiler is the same as the water level, and the multiple protection is adopted.
Pressure controller
Generally, two pressure controllers are used to transform the pressure signal into electrical and mechanical signal conversion device. Its function is to transmit high pressure, low and different signals to the electrical switch, and automatically control or protect the external line.
The common used pressure controller and the electric contact pressure gauge can alarm the steam pressure and overpressure, and cut off the burner when the limit is reached. The pressure controller regulates single or double fires according to the actual operation pressure.
oil fired boilerSafety valve
The safety valve is the last line of defense in boiler protection. When the boiler pressure exceeds the limit, according to the setting pressure of the safety valve design, the exhaust and pressure relief shall be ensured to guarantee the normal operation of the boiler.
Temperature protection
Temperature protection is an important procedure in the process of boiler safety operation. It is especially important for steam boiler temperature regulation and protection. At the same time, it can regulate and protect the boiler when it is over heated. A common temperature protection device for a boiler is a dual metal temperature controller
Flameout protection
To prevent the explosion incident, fuel (gas) boiler flameout protection device must be set with flameout protection, the function is monitoring the combustion furnace (including ignition, ignition or combustion when failed halfway off, generally within 5 seconds of re ignition, start-up within 1 second,shut off the oil (gas) solenoid valve, connect and send out the alarm signal, when the blower running, blowing furnace residual combustible gas, 20 ~ 30 seconds after purging, cut off the air blower and the auxiliary power supplyautomatically, boiler stop running. It is composed of a flame monitor and a control device. The function of a flame monitor is to send out a signal to the control device for the existence or interruption of the flame.
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