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How to start up gas fired boiler2017-12-15

1.Check whether the gas fired boiler oil pump and filter are normal or not, whether natural gas pressure is normal or not, the pressure should not be too high or too low,then open the oil or gas supply throttle door;
2. Check whether the water pump is in normal working status or not, if not, open the valve until it pumps. Open each throttle door of water supply system.
gas fired boiler manufacturer3. Check the water level gauge, the water level should be in the normal position, the gas and water throttle doors of water level gauge water gaugemust be in the open position, false water level must be eliminated, if water shortage occurs, manually water feeding can be carried out.
4.Check the pressure gaugepipeline throttle doorsof the boiler, which should be ensure in open status.
5. Check Flue ductthrottle doors must be all open (wind deflector or throttle valve), otherwise, blow cleaning will be affected, causing the hidden trouble of the accident.
6. Check all the knob of control cabinet, make sure they are in a normal position.
7. Start-up: turn on the power switch, then switch on the burner knob, if the fuel is light oil or natural gas, the blower shall immediately start to blow clean, if it is neutral or heavy oil, electricoil heater of the boiler should be turn on to heat oil until it reach preset temperature, the blowdown can be carried out.
Small fire burning: why mustburn with a small fire? Due to the industrial gas fired boiler is cold, the furnace temperature is low, to make good water circulation, the furnace body is heated evenly. Since coal heating speed is much slower than gas or oil, the heating of boiler is slow. While oil gas boiler has the characteristic of high efficiency, fast temperature rising, so after the ignition, immediate big fire burning is absolutely prohibited. After the ignition, three return fire tube will be heated firstly, fire tube will have a heat expansion and elongation, while the temperature of boiler water and boiler drum is low, the boiler shell do not follow the elongation, so front and rear tube plate of the drum bears strong force, angle butt weld is in a curved statusso we need to reduce the stress, burn with a small fire, and blow down, in order to make sure the boiler is heateduniformly, otherwise it will affect the life span of the boiler.
gas fired boiler manufacturer9.When the boiler is burning in a small fore, blowdown should be carriedout, the two main purpose is listed as follows:
(1). Decrease the alkalinity in the water, discharge the fouling inside the natural gas fired boiler.
(2). After the water is heated, hot water is in the upper part, while the cold water is in the lower part, cold water will be discharged due to blow down, then hot water sinks, in this way, the lower part temperature will be raised,in the meantime, upper water pump will supply water, and mixed with low temperature water, reduce the upper temperature and make sure the gas boiler is heated uniformly.
10.Open the main steam valve, then automatic burning
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