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Characteristics of WNS Horizontal Internal Combustion Three-pass All - wet - back Steam Boiler2017-11-29

WNS series of horizontal internal combustion three-pass all wet back steam boiler uses of full corrugated furnace bile with good thermal expansion; Full edge butt welding technology to reduce the temperature difference between the furnace; Pipe and tube plate connection with the first expansion after welding the form, eliminating the corrosion problem to extend the life of the boiler; Threaded smoke pipes improve the heat transfer coefficient of the three pass boiler.
three pass steam boiler1. The advanced steam boiler uses the automatic controller, the LCD screen, man-machine interface, which can be simply set by the user. The boiler can be required by the user to start and stop, load regulation, automatic water supply and other automatic operation. The three pass boiler function is complete protection, simple operation, safe and reliable with self-diagnostic function. Boiler will automatically interrupt the combustion and make sound and light alarm in case of an abnormal phenomenon in the operation.
2. The three pass boiler’s burner is supplied by the world-renowned manufacturers, it can automatically burn, stop in accordance with the controller instructions, independent program controller has a number of security protection, the performance is safe and stable.
3. The vertical steam boiler’s burner is mounted on the bottom of the boiler. It has the two pass structure, which makes fuel combust completely and boiler operation is stable; smoke pipes is plugged with spoiler inside, slowing down the exhaust speed and increasing heat transfer, and the boiler thermal efficiency is high to reduce the cost.
4. The horizontal steam boiler is the pot-type all-wet back-flow three-pass fireworks tube structure, the flame in the large combustion chamber micro-positive pressure combustion, fully extended, low heat load, high thermal efficiency, effectively reducing the exhaust temperature which is energy saving and economy. Corrugated furnace bile and threaded pipe structure improve the heat absorption of the boiler strength, but also to meet the heat transfer surface heat expansion needs. It’s scientific, reasonable and durable.
gas or oil fired boiler5. The three pass boiler furnace space is big, which can store more steam and it can adapt to the load capacity. Reasonable built-in soda separator device to meet the needs of users with higher quality steam. Furnace body hole, head hole and hand hole, which are easy to clean the interior of the furnace so that the maintenance and conservation is very convenient.
6. The three pass boiler safety with multi-level interlock protection: pressure switch protection (higher than the set pressure automatically it will shut down and alarm), low water level protection (boiler body water level below the warning level, it automatically cut off the power and alarm), safety valve protection (Boiler pressure over the working pressure, it makes a automatic discouragement).
HTS Boiler is professional and skilled in manufacturing gas/oil fired boilers, condensing boilers, low NOx gas/oil fired boilers, thermal oil boilers, once through boilers and biomass boilers. We will provide you the best product quality and the most considerate service.
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