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Threaded pipe production line

Threaded pipe production line can realize the purpose of cutting the pipe in a certain length, threading the pipe, processing the pipe ends and automatic dust blowing of pipe internal part . Threaded pipe is a spiral heat conducting pipe with inner convex and outer concave. The ordinary smooth pipe is machined to threaded pipe by means of cold rolling. Compared with smooth pipe, threaded pipe has higher thermal efficiency, larger heated surface, smaller heat-exchange equipment size, less material consumption, less investment, so it is widely applied in many industries.

1.Boiler industry application
After the optimization of heat transfer and flow resistance, the heat transfer of a thread pipe is equivalent to 1.7-1.8 pieces of the ordinary pipe in same size. Thus it not only reduces the threaded tube number significantly, but also reduces the diameter of the boiler diameter, therefore, steel consumption of pressurized components is significantly reduced, which saves the steel and cost.
2. Air conditioning and refrigeration industry
Compared with smooth surface pipe, the heat transfer area of threaded pipe is 1.5-2.0 times higher, which greatly improves the flow of refrigerant and enhances pipe inner boiling and condensing heat transfer effect. The refrigerant through the internal thread producing spiral propulsion, the pressure loss is reduced by more than 50%. Manufacturing needs to enlarge tube, and welding process which are the same as ordinary tube. It makes air conditioner small and lightweight, compared with smooth tube, pipe weight is reduced by about 1/3, hence it saves operation electricity and cost.
3.Thermal equipment application
Steel pipe or stainless steel pipe are rolled by the lathe machine with one-step forming, spiral tube surface scaling and shows heliciform, temperature variation in the operation of the equipment makes pipe expansion and contraction, which will lead to scaling layer fall off voluntarily; while the smooth pipe scaling layer is a cylinder, which can not fall off voluntarily. Currently,it has been widely applied in power plant condenser and auxiliary boiler heat exchange system, it is an ideal alternative to the smooth pipe and copper pipe.