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Laundry Industry

laundry industry

Application solutions

Hot water and steam are the primary function for boilers in laundry industry for the purpose of heating and drying,the application of boilers can be associated with dry cleaning equipment, compression molding machine, shaping machine, clothes dryer and ironing. 
Although the use of electric heating is more convenient, but the cost is relatively high, especially washing equipment in the laundry operates without stopping every day, electric heating will undoubtedly increase the cost greatly, hence the most economical way is to use steam heating and configure the steam boiler.
From the view of environmental protection, gas fired steam boiler, oil fired steam boiler, as well as biomass fired steam boiler are the ideal options. HTS Boiler always dedicates in desigining and manufacturing low nitrogen, condensing boiler, we adopt the latest technology to help evey client low their fuel consumption to save money, and what is more important, we are manufacturing the real environmental protection type boiler.

Industry overview

With the development of times and progress of society, washing machine has brought great convenience to our life,however,ordinary washing machinery is not able to complete the washing task for the huge number of clothing and large size clothing, in some factories, hospitals, hotels,a plenty of stuffs need to be washed almost every day, especially laundry, dirty clothing and other articles of daily use from all sides need, hence large washing equipment is in need in these places.
Washing equipment includes clothes washing equipment, drying equipment, ironing equipment, folding equipment, etc. Anyhow, no matter what kind of equipment, heating is necessarily required. There are two kinds of heating methods: electric heating and steam heating.

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