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Food Industry

food industry steam boiler

Application solutions

Concerning food factory boiler is mainly used for distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying and ripening in the food processing.High temperature steam is adopted to boil down, dry and disinfect the food,what is worthy mentioning is that, HTS Boiler owns rich experience in the field of seasoning plant.
It is worth mentioning that in the absence of additives, the steam generated by the steam boiler can improve the taste of food. In the low oxygen or micro-oxygen conditions processing, it can inhibit the corruption of food oxidation. The steam heating is widely used in the food industry, after being processed by steam, most of the food material can be maintained its property of soft taste and moisture.
Besides, the oil or gas fired steam boiler making steam can improve the processing stage of the bactericidal effect to achieve a short period of time on the surface sterilization.
Most of the the fungicide and other pesticides spraying on the surface of fresh fruit can be gasified by the high pressure steam. And the color and taste of the food ingredients themselves would not be not destroyed during processing by controlling the color and odor components with the steam.

Industry overview

As we all know, food industry is the important mainstay industry for our national economy and it is also a big industry that is related to the field of peoples livelihood, agriculture, manufacture, circulation etc. There is no gainsaying that all kind of food processing will cause gas pollution to the local environment more or less,smoke and sulfur dioxide will be generated in the process of steam supply for grease plant, winery factory and sauce plant etc. Therefore, the ultimate solution to the problem of air pollution is to put energy-saving and high efficient coal fired boiler, gas fired boiler, oil fired boiler, biomass boiler into use. Among these,s gas fired steam boiler is recommended by HTS engineer,which is mainly due to no smell, no pollution and high thermal efficiency. The choice of steam output tonnage should be calculated as per the steam and thermal amount requirement per unit time,normally,the Max. Value should be considered in order to meet the demand the highest peak value.

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