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District Heat Supply

District Heat Supply

Application solutions

Production and domestic heat is used to supply the whole city or user in one certain district with the steam or hot water as the medium through the heat supply pipes from the urban centralized heat source,considering safety, energy consumption, thermal losses, convenient heat recovery, pipe corrosion and easy combination with other equipment,hot water boiler is an ideal option.
The steam boiler with capacity of 1 ton per hour can generate 600,000 kcal of heat, according to the current normal standard, the heating heat that per square meter of construction (residential, office, hotels, etc.) needs can be calculate in this way: 1 ton per hour steam boiler’s standard heating area is 600000 ÷ 100 = 6000 square meters.
As the boiler heating area is also affected by building structure, height, insulation and other factors, the above data is only used as a reference. As for the real heating area, it needs a field visit, the new building insulation effect is better than the old building. Compared to the traditional buildings , the energy-saving building insulation works better.

Industry overview

District heat supply is a infrastructure for city energy construction, heating supply boiler is a kind of equipment to meet people’s daily requirement in winter. Since heat supply system engineering quality in developed countries is better, small diameter tube with high temperature water is adopted to transfer heat which can not only reduce the energy consumption but also save initial investment. However, there are still a lot of coal fired boilers which adopt steam to transfer heat in China, while this kind of boiler has the disadvantages of multistage heat exchange, high energy consumption and serious resource waste.Out of safety, energy consumption, thermal losses, convenient heat recovery, easy combination with other equipment and pipe corrosion, steam heat supply is rarely used in domestic heat supply system, hot water boiler is the optimum selection for district heating system.

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